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to keep one's eyes on the ball — быть расторопным; знать своё дело;
быть на высоте / на уровне репетитора МГЛУ по английскому языку:

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On the ball - To know what is happening. To be aware of the business. На высоте.

Пример употребления идиомы:

her typing is on the ball — она отлично печатает

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Stay ahead of the game – to be leaders in the field or their business environment.

Впереди планеты всей.

ahead of the game - (Informal or slang) being early;

having an advantage over a situation;

having done more than necessary.
Whenever we go to a movie, we show up ahead of the game and have to wait.
Bill has to study maths very hard to keep ahead of the game.
Bob does extra work so that he is always ahead of the game.

Plain sailing – An easy or simple situation, лёгкий, простой путь.

Как два пальца "об асфальт"

От сочетания plain sail - незарифлённый парус,

it will be all plain sailing — всё пойдёт легко,- как по маслу

these things are never plain sailing — это всегда нелегко

Approaching the finishing line – Nearing the end. На финишной прямой.

A two horse race – A close contest between two groups or companies.

On the ropes – In a very bad situation/ Close to defeat.

Score your own goal – To make a mistake which has the opposite effect from what was hoped. Забить гол в свои ворота.

To level the playing field – To make the situation the same for everyone.
In a league of their own – Much better than the rest.
Hit it out of the park – To have great success.
Drop the ball – make a mistake/to disappoint everyone.

Упражнения от репетитора (можете скачать бесплатно материалы по деловому английскому языку)
Now choose the idiom which best completes each sentence:

The government have ___ by introducing new laws, making it fairer for all businesses.

levelled the playing field
dropped the ball
staying ahead of the game.

No problem. With all your experience, you will find this project to be ___.

plain sailing
a level playing field
on the ropes

No one makes better cars than Ferrari. I think they are ___.

a level playing field
in a league of their own
a two horse race

Great presentation, Mike. You really ___.

dropped the ball
hit it out of the park
approached the finishing line

We are ___ as the project must be finished by next week.

plain sailing
in a league of our own
approaching the finish line

Sam ___ when he lost the report.

on the ropes
dropped the ball
hit it out of the park

The company is having a terrible year. They are not bankrupt, but they’re definitely ___.

ahead of the game
in a league of their own
on the ropes

The bank ___ by introducing unpopular charges. They lost a lot of customers.

were on the ball
scored an own goal
were on the ropes

Sony ___ by always thinking of new exciting products.

stay ahead of the game
score an own goal
are plain sailing

It is a ___ between Microsoft and Mac in the computer world.

two horse race
approach the finishing line
hit the ball out of the park

That new guy seems ___, he learns fast.

on the ropes
on the ball
scored an own goal

get on the ball! — скорей, давай пошевеливайся!

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